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Frequestly Asked Questions

Q: What if I find this same item somewhere else for less? Will you match the price?
Answer: LITTLE DICKENS will match any other retailer's advertised price for all the items we sell. This includes Piccolo Bacio, Christie Helene and all of our high end merchandise. Call us or send us the link to the lower priced item, and we'll go from there! Not only will you get the best price available, but you get our superior customer service, and free shipping on orders over $200! Some exceptions do apply.
Q: How long does it take to make my gown/suit?
Answer:Christie Helene Christening typically takes 3 weeks to make a gown or suit. Piccolo Bacio takes 2 weeks.
Q: What is the difference between material choices? What color is silk versus white silk?
Answer: QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE - MATERIALS Silk (Textured and Off White) is created by weaving silk threads of two different colors into a plain weave pattern that seems to change colors as the silk is moved around in different lights. This process creates distinct horizontal lines in the material, adding texture and uniqueness to the piece. It tends to resist wrinkles, takes creases well, gives the apparel a crisp and formal appearance, and has a light sheen. It is slightly off white in color, almost like a glass of champagne. White Silk is created the same as the textured version, but the yarns are thinner, and the horizontal lines are much less predominant. It therefore has a much smoother texture, and the light sheen is more noticable. It is white in color. Shantung is a fabric that is often made with silk fibers and man made fibers, using the same weaving method as the silk. It has both texture and visual attraction, and is naturally stain resistant. It looks and feels very similar to the silk, but is a brilliant white color. White Brocade is a shantung with a gorgeous pattern woven into the material. It is a brilliant white with added interest from the patterning image.